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Do You Remember The Long-Range Boeing 747-400ER?

Do You Remember The Long-Range Boeing 747-400ER?

Do you remember the Boeing 747-400ER? This airplane was the longest range version of Boeing’s jumbo jet until the Boeing 747-8I came along. There are currently only six passenger aircrafts flying, all with the only customer that ordered them, Australia’s Qantas.
This Boeing was First flying on 31 July 2002, the Seattle manufacturer claimed this Boeing as the largest and fastest aircraft in the sky at the time. It can cruise at Mach 0.85 and has its take-off weight was increased by 35,000 pounds (15,870 kilograms) to an overall of 910,000 pounds (412,770 kilograms) compared to the standard -400 Boeing.

Boeing 747-400ER Video

Qantas ordered their six aircrafts for their use on the long routes from Melbourne to Los Angeles, Sydney to Santiago and also from Sydney to Johannesburg. The additional range (an extra 805 kilometres, taking it up to a total of 14,045 kilometres) meant that a full load could be carried on board, no matter what the prevailing wind situation will be on the long sector.

Overall Thoughts

The Boeing 747-400ER is one of the rarest Boeing 747 in existence as there are only currently six in service. All of the aircrafts are due to be retired during 2020 as Qantas is moving forward to the more efficient and environmentally friendly twins for their passenger services.

Australia’s Qantas used to be the only operating airline in the world with a fleet that was all Boeing 747. That was during the period 1979 to 1985, directly after the retirement of the 707 and before the introduction of the 767. When the last six aircrafts are retired this year, it will be the end of an long era, closing 49 years of Jumbo Jet service for the Qantas airline.
Have you ever flown on board a Qantas Boeing 747-400ER? I know I have! Be sure to be claim your seat at Qantas if this one is still on your bucket list


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